Our sustainability goal is to meet the consumption needs without compromising the ability for future generations to continue to meet their own needs. We believe in using the full mature coconut to maximise the product and ensure less wastage. This way, natural resources won’t be wasted and our future generations will be able to enjoy the fruit of life. We also try and make sure that the local community can sustain and benefit through our goals and achievements as much as possible and there is an increase in employment.


Sustainable farming and harvesting
Organic without pesticides
Locally produced with community benefit
Ethical production such as fair trade


                                                           - Coconut shells: Charcoal & Activated carbon
                                                           - Coconut flour
                                                           - Fibre, coir and coco peat
                                                           - Paring oil from skin and coconut oil from waste water after washing
                                                           - Copra cake


Treating waste water from CIP (clean in place), coconut meat washing and other cleanings (floor, machine etc.) by using anaerobic and aeration methods.